“If something’s important enough you should try. Even if the probable outcome is failure.”

– Elon Musk


2 weeks. That’s all it takes. 1 sprint. Ideas rarely originate from those with the financial backing or technical resources to take them to the next step. Hence the need for venture capital. But suddenly you’ve lost half the value when you’re at your weakest position with no working prototype.

We rapidly prototype ideas and build applications. We can literally incubate your idea and see what comes out the other end.


“Fail fast” 2 week period:

  • Rapid product prototyping in modern web technologies
  • Brand creation
  • Website/marketing
  • Data/Analytics
  • Business consulting & accounting support

If we like your idea we really get behind it to turn it into something tangible.

Our incubator function

Our incubator function has been born out of a repeated need to test ideas, create new brands, develop product and support the hygiene of an evolving business. We’ve realised the combination of these functions is a valuable asset and have therefore started working with a range of businesses in their earliest stages to provide a platform for growth.