We won’t write you a 300-page BI strategy; we much prefer the doing to the talking. However you’re very welcome to take advantage of our extensive expertise to get advice at the pointy end of the decision making. Come and have a chat.


Our world is changing – rapidly and constantly. The old saying of “fail to plan, then plan to fail” has given way to the concept of “failing fast”, with short iterative bursts of planning and execution to test ideas and measure success in the real world.

There is nothing more effective at evaluating success than giving it a go, and using the results to chart your next step. We’ll help you accelerate the thinking about business and technology so you can pick up the tools and move forward.


Long arduous “tick box” strategy documents bore us (and let’s be honest, you don’t want to read 100 pages of strategy). Besides, with the speed of change in the market and your business, taking six months to develop a strategy means it could be outdated before it is finalised.

The Aginic version is short, action-focused and to the point – our senior team take the time to understand your current data landscape, your business needs and your BI dreams, and we’ll help you build an approach that is agile and effective. We’ll document it succinctly so you can move on to actions, and help you evolve the strategy as your business grows.


Whilst we’ll look to the executive for high level steering, we’ll be testing ideas with the end users (the people that will directly benefit from the initiative), with the IT teams (the people that have to support the initiative) and with the data custodians.

A BI strategy is often the start of a divisive organisational change. There is always a risk of people thinking in terms of “winners and losers”. We aim to minimise this and smooth the process.