“Prediction is very difficult. Especially about the future”

– Niels Bohr, Quantum Physicist


Decision making is made more difficult with increasing volumes of information.

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”
– John Maynard Keynes

How do decision makers unravel complex problems and gain comfort over their decisions? How do we foresee future dependent values? Technology and decision sciences are rapidly evolving; complex questions are now able to be answered, rapidly and affordably.


Machine Learning and Prescriptive Analytics techniques enable millions of records to be consumed, analysed, compared and tested – to return every possible permutation of outcomes; and their likelihood of occurring. Complex questions can be modelled and understood. Future values can be predicted from past behaviour; and the best course can be automatically identified and make instantly actionable.


  • Clients who have embarked upon a journey to become data-driven organisations.
  • Key decision makers who want to understand the possible future outcomes of their decisions.
  • Executives wrestling with complex problems where the answer isn’t obvious; the risks are high; but the payoff could be game changing.

Simple solutions for advanced decisions

Exponential increases in computing power, coupled with decreasing technology costs, results in next-generation analytics to be performed rapidly and reliably. Data-driven organisations are actively embedding the predictions and recommendations of these algorithms into their standard operating procedures. Aginic’s blend of intelligent, machine-learning based algorithms – with simple, easy-to-understand recommendations drive advanced, nuanced decisions; ensuring our clients are ahead of the curve.